Optimising Executive Wellness

When choosing a career, most people don’t consider the other parts of their life and the effect the combination may have on their wellbeing. Which is curious, because equally dedicated sports people are getting better at doing that very thing.

Laura Kenny, the talented British Cyclist, announced to the world recently that she was retiring from competitive sport for the reason that she was conflicted about undertaking such rigorous training with her children being so young.

Laura started collecting medals and awards at age 20: 63 medals, 44 of them golds and a Damehood too. Giving up on future accolades must have been hard, but it’s a decision she’s made for the best of reasons and we thank her and wish her well.

But how many executives and professionals, similarly conflicted by time, focus and energy, are ignoring signs that would be useful for them to notice? Having devoted themselves to building their career and gathering promotions [medals] along the way, an executive’s life is usually well ordered – until the sudden realisation that something’s either going wrong or slipping from their grasp!

Wellbeing Coaching is about being aware of how things are really going and shaping your life to suit what’s important to you.

How is Wellbeing Coaching different?

Historically, coaches are taught that every client has the inner resources to be, do and have anything they truly want. The challenge comes when a client really is at a loss, in unchartered territory, and it becomes clear that they ‘do not know what they do not know’.

The skills needed to head a department, run an enterprise or be a professional may not run as far as making the best decisions for your own wellbeing. Executives, too, may be in a destructive relationship, have financial stress or unprocessed grief and have no idea that these factors will be contributing to their physical pain.
This is where, as a Wellbeing Coach, I break the mould. Working with 8 elements I coach clients as to how each area plays a vital role in their health and wellness. Balancing these areas creates peace of mind and increases overall wellbeing.

What about my Career/Position/Role?

The truth is that your working life touches all other areas, each of which are affected by the professional actions and choices you make. Work, inevitably, lies at the heart of who you are and infiltrates all areas; which can make life seem complicated. You will find this becoming much more manageable.

How does the coaching work?

One of the things we do is take a wheel and divide it into 8 segments of your choice. A well-rounded wheel might include:

1. Lifestyle and Pace
2. Relationship
3. Movement
4. Life Purpose
5. Nutritional Health
6. Finances
7. Emotional Health
8. Environment

You give each area a score for how well it is covered and you draw the scores on your wheel. (BTW, most people have a wonky wheel.) You then choose the area that you’d like to work on first, and that’s what we do. Q: What segments would you include in your own wheel?  Suppose you were to choose the relationship area to work on first: you’d consider 8 types of people with whom you connect, personally or professionally, and you’d draw up a relationship wheel.

A typical wheel could include: primary partner, children, wider family, friends, staff, colleagues, peers and clients. These days it’s common to have previous partners and blended families, there could also be elderly parents, relationship breakup or you may be handling the responsibilities on your own.

Each area has the potential to affect you Mentally, Emotionally and Physically and that’s how they impact your role. All the time, you’ll be focusing on solutions that help.

professional people taking part in coaching

What can I expect from the programme?

You can expect complete confidentiality as you select and drill down on the areas that are impacting you the most and you will discover ways of making them run more smoothly. This will give you the freedom to concentrate on what you do best knowing that the rest of your life will support you in your choices. You’ll also avoid the pitfalls of letting things run and run, hoping they’ll go away.

Your body has a way of letting you know when something’s amiss and it will look for the best way to get your attention: mood swings, fatigue, addiction or even a medical condition. You’ll be able to side-step this by being aware of the messages and taking meaningful action to ameliorate the situation. What you used to see as complicated, insurmountable problems will be transformed.

I will guide you to get fastest relief with maximum impact by concentrating on the unseen areas that draw the most energy. From there you will be able to simplify the process of life to give you peace of mind and a contented, fulfilled future.


To your health and wellbeing
Caroline D’ay
Trauma-Informed Wellbeing Coach


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