Testimonials are the impact statements of a life transformed. The only reason for doing anything is to improve life or make it easier. I look forward to adding yours to the list.

I had Caroline’s details on file after she was strongly recommended to me in helping a friend of my family through a difficult time. I then found myself in a new role and struggling - to see myself successful in this role, to manage the workload, to manage people who were previously peers. My mind was often racing and I was struggling to sleep-I had never felt like this before. Caroline was immediately responsive to my outreach - and warm, personal and confident she could help. And she did - my sessions became a haven away from the everyday stress of the job, and in a short time she identified practical helpful ways I could tackle my anxieties. I always slept deeply after I had my session. I felt seen and supported but also challenged. It has been invaluable in moving me forward and putting things in perspective. I always considered myself someone with good self-awareness, but there were some things I couldn’t see without her help. If you are feeling at sea, I can only encourage you to start the conversation!

Newly-promoted Manager

Caroline holds you in a safe and tender space whilst she works her magic. She guided me to heal some relationship issues with my family that have haunted me for years. Her insights have helped me to connect with my future in a clear and positive way. I feel lighter, brighter and filled with enthusiasm!

Therapist & Coach

Just a little note to say thank you for your work with me. You have helped me to see things that I couldn’t before. I felt a bit stuck and I was feeling very sad with my situation. I now have a plan which is within reach and things seem much clearer to me. I feel stronger to deal with the issues ahead in my life.


My husband had a stroke which left him with chronic fatigue, blinding headaches and lack of sleep. We were at a loss what to do. But the combination of socks and the REM patch have transformed our lives. Almost immediately the fatigue began to lift, within 9 days he no longer needed pain relief for the headaches and he now sleeps through the night. Thank you so much for the help and support you continue to give us. The future is looking much brighter now.

Wife of Stroke Victim

Love it, step into it's not about me, I like that space, I feel warm, safe and protected there. Little steps.
Thank you from my healing heart.

Working Mum

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