Anxiety Solution

Being anxious is a distressing and limits the possibilities and choices available to you. How much easier life is when you don’t suffer from anxiety. Imagine the places you could go, things you could do, jobs you could enjoy, people you could meet and socialise with. Think how your life can open up, because life without anxiety is perfectly possible.

Anxiety Solution is a kind, patient, empowering solution for people suffering from anxiety. You’ll learn how to transform your current response to self-assurance with certainty that all will be well. You will learn how to be courageous.


How does it work?

Anxiety Solution is a mix of training, mentoring and therapy that is tailored to you and it’s all done conversationally – like having a purposeful chat with a best friend.

Content includes:
•  recall of how and when you first became anxious
•  what’s happened since then
•  triggers to your anxiety now
•  explore and clear limiting beliefs about anxiety
•  clear any connected trauma
•  explain how anxiety is a process
•  learn how to interrupt that process
•  discover the secrets of being courageous and confident
•  mindfulness and relaxation including recordings
•  in-depth collection of skills and strategies to use immediately
At each stage you’ll. have plenty of time to practice.


Who is it suitable for?

Anxiety Solution is suitable for all ages and types of anxiety, including:
•  Behavioural anxiety (OCD, Panic Attacks, Agoraphobia etc)
•  Situational anxiety (interviews, driving tests etc)
•  Workplace and Social anxiety (usually about people and events)
•  Anxiety in young adults
•  Inherited anxiety
•  Generalised anxiety


How long does it take?

Anxiety Solution starts working from day 1 and the process takes three months to complete.


How will Anxiety Solutions help me?

The first thing you’ll notice is that you’re feeling different and much better about the things that used to make you anxious. Because you’re totally in charge, you’ll know exactly what to do in [previously] difficult situations. By resolving all the old triggers, you’ll notice a new ability to enjoy life even more.


What guarantees do you give?

Anxiety Solutions is a two-way process: we’ll do our part and we guarantee that as long as you listen, engage and put everything into practice you will see spectacular results. Clients tell us that recovering from anxiety has given them back their life. We know that it’s possible to live a life without anxiety and our promise to you if that freedom can be yours at last.



Please get in touch for prices.
All sessions are held online via Zoom or other technology:
Includes full support for the duration of the programme.
Face-to-face sessions by special arrangement. Group courses also available.

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What next?

Every journey begins with a single step. To take your first step towards freedom, I invite you to book a free 15-minute consultation by clicking the button below.

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