Standing Strong

How to Maintain Real Happiness in Divorce

Divorce is an emotional experience but you are more than that, you are not just a label. When you can maintain hope, deal with emotions as they arise and see a new future unfolding, the process is so much easier. We can help you break through the turmoil of separation and divorce proceedings so that you can respond with strength, clarity and positivity. Even when the corresponding plaintiff or defendant is not co-operating, you’ll have strategies to cope with that too.

I have over 30 years’ experience of seeing people through separation and divorce.  Whatever stage you’re at, it is possible to increase the control you have over your experience and change it to one you will come through safely and successfully.


Why Standing Strong?

Standing Strong is a formula of training and therapy which is designed to empower you and help you withstand the challenges of your divorce.  It’s all done conversationally, like having a pleasant chat with a good friend.

Content includes:

  • Brief history of your relationship split so far
  • The politics of divorce
  • The impact of emotions
  • Clearing past emotions to create a clean slate
  • The power of mindfulness and resilience
  • Identity – remembering who you really are
  • Overcoming communication hazards
  • Instructing your legal team
  • Beliefs about divorce and what it means to you
  • What’s most important to you in your divorce
  • Helping and protecting the children
  • Finding your inner warrior
  • Empowering yourself for the process
  • Projecting confidence in meetings
  • Practicalities for your new adventure

The formula is delivered over a 3-month period with plenty of time for reflection and practice along the way.  If your divorce is sooner than that, we select the most relevant bits and do them first.


Ongoing support

We keep in touch with you to see how you’re doing and celebrate wins along the way. We can also offer extra support if you need it including attending meetings with you.


Who is it suitable for?

Standing Strong is suitable for anyone going through divorce or a relationship split, whether you’re on the receiving end or are the instigator.  It’s especially useful for those who are still living with the trauma of their divorce and are now ready to start-out again.


How will Standing Strong help me?

The first thing you’ll notice is that things no longer appear so bad and that you feel calm and in control. You can also expect to be confident during proceedings, shake off attempts of intimidate you, communicate with precision and clarity; and restore peace of mind.

NB: This is a programme for people going through separation and divorce and complements the advice given by your legal representative. We neither make recommendations nor do we interfere with proceedings.  The benefit is in having our personal support all the way.


What guarantees do you give?

We guarantee that if you listen, engage with the process and put it into practice you will not just survive but you will thrive on the challenge presented to you by your divorce.  Clients tell us that Standing Strong has given them back their life and their peace of mind.

We know that it’s possible to grow through divorce and that’s our promise to you. You will have the ability to stand strong, get through the process safely and start living a life that meets your new goals and dreams.



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All sessions are held online via Zoom or other technology and include full support for the duration of the programme.
Face-to-face sessions by special arrangement.


What next?

Every journey begins with a single step. To take your first step towards freedom go ahead and book a free 15-minute consultation by clicking the button below.

To take your first step towards freedom

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