Burnout Release

Feeling ‘burnt out’ is a miserable place to be and it needs to be fixed so that you can find real happiness again. In essence, burnout is a mental and physiological reaction to demands upon you which overwhelm you. Often, people use adrenaline as a fuel to keep them going but this only masks a growing inner conflict. Better to take action to resolve it once and for all.

What are the warning signs?

Someone heading towards burnout will use words like should, ought-to, must, and they’ll talk about the things they ‘have to do’. This is a sign that although consciously you’re willing to cope, at an unconscious level it’s not ok. This inner conflict makes it harder to manage.


What is Burnout Release?

Burnout Release is a recovery programme that takes you from feeling overwhelmed, exhausted and out of control, to a point of self-assurance, certainty and a feeling that you are in control. The beauty is that as soon as you start changing your priorities, you’ll find that previously insurmountable problems look different and are easier to resolve.

Content includes:

  • doing a hand-brake turn on burnout
  • considering your wellbeing/health regime
  • adopting a routine of mindfulness and relaxation
  • giving yourself permission to say no
  • finding your inner warrior
  • aligning beliefs and values
  • clearing past traumas
  • mindfulness and relaxation – including recordings
  • refreshing relationship dynamics
  • setting and enforcing boundaries
  • casting a new resolve


How long does it take?

This is a 3-month programme, with rapid transformation upfront.  There’s no rush, you’ll go as quickly or slowly as is right for you.


How will Burnout Release help me?

Researching this programme is a clear sign something needs to change.  Almost instantly, the burden will be lifted from your shoulders and that, in itself, will start the transformation. Combine that with new understandings and behaviours and you’ll be ready to fly.


What guarantees do you give?

We guarantee that as long as you engage with the process and put it into practice you will experience a new control and rediscover peace of mind. Our promise to you is the freedom to choose a life without burnout and increase peace of mind.



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Face-to-face sessions by special arrangement.  Group courses also available.

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