Happiness Breakthrough

Breakthrough is a specialised branch of consulting that is designed for people who need, and want, to ‘break through’ something that is holding them back. The process allows them to clear old patterns, resolve internal conflicts, set new goals, perform to their optimum and achieve their stated outcome by getting rid of all the old Stuff (fears, anxieties, anger, previous disappointments etc.) that are getting in the way of the life you now want to create.

Why Happiness Breakthrough?

There can be times in people’s lives where things just aren’t going to plan, or they are struggling on but have lost direction, or a pattern of behaviour, which is not supportive, keeps repeating itself.

One approach is to attend a training course which will help them ‘pull through’ and find their way again. Another is to sign up for counselling or enrol on a personal coaching programme. All very laudable! But unless you get to the root of the problem first, there is a danger that solutions will be found that mask the underlying issue,

Breakthrough gets to the root cause and frees the Recipient from the shackles in which they are held; enabling them to grasp opportunities and move forward.

What Can You Expect?

The process begins with a short conversation between us where we clarify the aims and purpose of the Breakthrough, gain commitment to the process and begin to build a relationship of trust and respect.

You are then sent a questionnaire, which you work through and answer in advance. The questionnaire is carefully worded and is the foundation of the early part of the process.

Once you’ve answered the questions, we set a date and the work begins. Four to six hours in total should be allowed, although it can be shorter. It all depends on what we find to sort out.

Breakthrough addresses the following:

• Elicit and agree a detailed outcome;
• Discover current patterns of thought and behaviour;
• Determine personal values around the issue[s] to be addressed;
• Resolve internal conflicts and align values to future goals;
• Generate empowering thought patterns and behaviour;
• Install effective motivation strategies;
• Set new goals, test and future pace.

Both before, during and after the Breakthrough, you have my full support.

Who Will Do Your Breakthrough?

You will work with me – Caroline D’ay. I’ve been working in the field of personal development for many years, am highly qualified and bring a wealth of valuable and proven knowledge and experience.

I am Trainer and Master Practitioner of NLP, Time-Line therapy, Mental and Emotional Release and many other therapeutic disciplines. I have the ability to draw on the most appropriate intervention for any client with whom I am working.

The reason people choose to work with me is that I consistently demonstrate genuine care for the wellbeing of the individuals who turn to me and I get results. I am highly professional and good fun to work with. I guarantee we’ll laugh a lot too.


Please get in touch for prices.
Mentoring, Coaching and Therapy sessions are held online via Zoom or other technology and includes 24/7 support for the duration of the programme.
Face-to-face sessions by special arrangement.

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What are the Possibilities?

Many people report startling improvements in dealing with situations and problems that had previously seemed insurmountable. Others report that they feel more empowered within themselves and more certain of the direction in which they wish to move.

Breakthrough is fully guaranteed and offers a powerful solution that works.

Every journey begins with a single step. To take your first step towards freedom go ahead and book a free 15-minute consultation by clicking the button below.

To take your first step towards freedom

Go ahead and book your free 15-minute consultation by clicking the button below

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