Coping at the Sharp End -Hospitality

Handling aggression and abuse in Hospitality

People working in hospitality are exceptionally friendly, diplomatic, patient, obliging, hard-working and willing to serve.  Often young, they start their shifts in a state of happy optimism but are increasingly being met with customers who are are rude and demeaning, demonstrating unwarranted levels of anger, aggression and abuse!  These outbursts from customers are taking a heavy toll and causing many staff to reflect on whether they are prepared to stay in the job. The good news is that by training them in the skills to handle such behaviour, the job can be made safer and more enjoyable.

Coping at the Sharp End begins by building on the individual’s capacity to be patient and endlessly resilient when dealing with difficult customers and teaches them how to keep themselves safe. They’ll learn where aggressive behaviour comes from, how a seemingly minor incident can so easily turn into a major event, and they’ll practice the safest way to de-escalate it.
By the end of the course, delegates develop a full and deep understanding of how humans communicate and behave, and why they do the things they do. This knowledge enables them to become aware of their own personal power and innate ability to change the possible outcomes of any situation.

At the end of the course, delegates will be able to:

• handle the pressure;
• stay in control;
• withstand provocation;
• anticipate and prevent escalation;
• deal with aggressive behaviour, threats and intimidation.


The course programme is drawn from the following:

• what drives human behaviour;
• the influence of successive interactions;
• personal analysis of a past experience;
• triggering an outburst;
• stereotyping; personal space; language; defending the territory;
• facing aggression over the telephone;
• keeping your cool;
• using body language and tonality to build empathy and rapport;
• staying out of the confrontational position;
• handling extreme anger;
• the physical reaction after an incident; how to drop the residue;
• coping with pressure at work;
• specific relaxation techniques;
• and much, much more …………

Who is it for?

Coping at the Sharp End is for people in hospitality who have to deal with situations that arise when fulfilling their duty; whether they are, helping, serving, enforcing or otherwise liaising with customers.

How long is it?

We offer 4 options to suit all teams: 

  • 2-hour team talk; general overview for a large no of people;
  • half-day; up to 25 delegates, or
  • full-day course for up to 16 delegates (the full day can be split into two half days).
  • One-day Manager/Team Leader training

The longer the course the more experiential it is and the more it covers.  Events run over Zoom or In-Person.

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