Care in a Crisis

Increasing resilience and coping skills

Residential and community carers have to deal with a level of crisis that would leave most people on their knees. Day on day, they deliver personal care to their clients, handle bereavements, offer counsel to those adapting to a new way of life and invariably sort out clients’ little emergencies!  Carers are the front-line response; ever flexible and always expected to cope.  And this course is for them.

Care in a Crisis demonstrates that carers are regarded as invaluable and recognises that they, too, need support.  It gives carers the skills to stay resourceful no matter what the crisis, gives them the interpersonal skills to handle any individual and a practical model to follow in a crisis.


Course Aims

At the end of the Programme, carers will be able to:
  • be an expedient and effective front-line support;
  • recognise and offer a timely response to a cry for help;
  • provide a confidential space for people to discuss their difficulties;
  • set personal boundaries to separate work from home;
  • be reassured that they are doing an excellent job.


Course Programme is drawn from the following:
  • role positioning;
  • sensory acuity;
  • building trust and rapport;
  • projecting an air of reassurance and comfort;
  • dealing with difficult or aggressive people;
  • handling emotions in self and others;
  • the difference between empathy and sympathy;
  • reflective listening;
  • remaining objective; looking after yourself;
  • the counselling model;
  • the importance of confidentiality;
  • the difference between trauma and distress;
  • the two reasons to break confidentiality;
  • what to do when more help is needed [company specific];
  • setting personal boundaries;
  • internal feedback procedures [company specific];
  • and much, much more…..


Duration:             1 day (can be split sessions – hours by arrangement)

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