People pay different amounts for the same thing. For some, a small car is value for money - for others, a luxury car is the way to go. When looking at a service, what is it worth to you to get the promised result? What difference would it make in your life? Our pricing is a reflection of the value we offer. (Prices valid to 31st December 2022)


Mentoring, Coaching and Therapy sessions are held online via Zoom or other technology:

  • Initial 20 min’ telephone consultation            FREE
  • Emergency PTSD and Trauma Relief              £ 233 per session – typically 2 sessions
  • Special Packages (minimum 3 months)          £ 322 per month – minimum 2 sessions per month*

*Includes 24/7 support for the duration of the programme.

My prices are no longer subject to VAT.  Face-to-face sessions by special arrangement.

Wearable Neurotech   

  • No obligation telephone consultation    FREE
  • HPT Socks: £45
  • HPT Insoles: £45
  • HPT Patches: £90 pm
  • Subscription HPT patches: £81 pm

Immune System, Metabolism and Sleep patches also available

Team Training

Team Training is priced by day + no of delegates – up to 16 delegates included.  17+ delegates may require additional help, which may incur an extra charge.

  • One-day programme:   £1,375
  • Half-day programme:   £ 750
  • 1 1/2 hour team talk:    £ 580
  • Online corporate wellbeing programmes available – anxiety, stress etc 

All prices include travel expenses.

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