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Healthcare professionals work tirelessly to help people have a better quality of life. For some, that means increasing stamina and performance, while others help with neurological difficulties such as diabetic neuropathy, pain management, balance & mobility, rehabilitation & recovery and fatigue.

If you’re working in either of these areas, I urge you to read on as I describe Voxxlife’s wearable pattern-based neuro-technology.

What is Pattern-Based Neuro-Technology?

VoxxLife discovered a neuro-haptic technology which harnesses the skin-brain connection. As they explain: “Voxx’s HPT technology (High Performance Technology) engages receptors in the skin leading to measurable changes in brain activity that reduce the perception of pain, increase functional performance and improve a patient’s quality of life”.

VoxxLife have embedded this pattern in socks, insoles and other wearable products that touch certain neural-receptors on the skin. There are no drugs, magnets, metal or plastic in the technology, and there are no side effects.

What Does the Technology Do?

The moment it touches your foot, your arm or wherever, it sends a signal to the brain stem to put it into equilibrium or balance. This results in instant strength, balance, stability, range of motion and help with pain relief. They also have another technology in a sleeve that works on neck-up issues like memory, reaction times, stress and anxiety. This is getting good results with ADHD, Autism, Anxiety, Stress and even Dementia.

“There are no drugs, magnets, metal or plastic in the technology, and there are no contra-indications with any condition, medication or regime.”

How Does Voxxlife Benefit Healthcare Professionals?

The immediate benefit is that Clients’ experiencing a dramatic improvement in their quality of life will feel increased loyalty and trust towards you. It also makes your services to them even more important as their body catches up with how much better they’re feeling.

I’ve seen extraordinary improvements in the lives of MS and Parkinson’s patients as well as long-term pain conditions like Fibromyalgia. Improvements that are dramatic and instantaneous. Patients can hardly believe it. They say things like ‘it’s a sock!’. The ease of movement can also aid a golf swing.

Neither can they believe the price. Socks start from around £40.00 – OK, I do recommend patients to have a second pair – but it’s an affordable add-on to your services; a real Win-Win.

Can you give me some examples?

  • Diabetic Neuropathy: after one week of use, the socks significantly reduced pain in 95% of study subjects (n=1000) with 76% reporting pain dropping to levels that can be ignored.
  • Mobility & Balance: Falls, especially in the elderly and those with motor disorders, cause injury, anxiety and an overall reduction in quality of life. The extraordinary thing is that using the technology instantaneously makes people more stable as proved by a sway test.
  • Fatigue: VoxxLife technology reduces the symptoms of fatigue by reducing the perception of pain. To hear that a patient can walk without pain is simply magical to a practitioner’s ears.
  • Parkinson’s: hands shaking, poor mobility, could hardly move mouth so speech affected. After two weeks, shaking almost totally gone, speech significantly improved and able to resume running.
  • Multiple Sclerosis: extreme shaking, badly affected voice and couldn’t touch their nose. Stood on insoles, shaking stopped, spoke normally and could touch their nose.
  • Sports performance: clients report they can run faster and have less tired legs. It improves golf swings by improving mobility and get out of bunkers with more ease.

“HPT has an effect on the brain stem, putting it into homeostasis. Thereafter, any effect is the result of the brain working optimally or at least more optimally.”

Voxxlife and Your Practice

Adding VoxxLife to your Practice will enhances the service you provide by offering rapid improvement to patients’ quality of life. We have a vibrant practitioner community and a vast number of testimonials which are coming in all the time. VoxxLife offer a full money back guarantee on all products, so there’s no risk to you or your clients.

I invite you to look at the website which gives much more information and includes video clips of the founders and of people talking about the results they achieved:

Having worked for many years to help ease emotional difficulties, I am thrilled at last to have a tangible product to ease clients’ neurological difficulties as well and am more than happy to spread the word about this extraordinary technology.

How Do I Find Out More?

They say every journey begins with a single step and your first step could be a 15-minute conversation with me to find out how to make these intriguing results available to your client. On Registering for the call, I’ll invite you to the VoxxLife Testimonials Group where you can access testimonials on the conditions you most commonly treat. I hope you’re as curious as I was, and I look forward to speaking to you very soon.

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