Calm in a Crisis

If you’ve ever wished you knew how to stay safe around angry or provocative behaviour this course is my gift to you.  The pandemic has certainly seen some extreme attitudes and I want to help you make the safest choices to keep yourself safe and look after your own wellbeing.

What you’ll learn is drawn from 30 years’ experience of helping people cope with challenging situations.  People like doctors, nurses, care staff, volunteers and all front facing professionals and staff; from traffic wardens to solicitors.  I thought now was time to make these skills more freely available.

Calm in a Crisis will take you through some key learning and coping strategies including:

  • Controlling your own responses in challenging situations
  • Breaking the aggression cycle
  • Uncovering expert communication skills
  • Discovering how not to be chosen as a ‘victim’
  • Learning a useful technique to distract yourself from negative emotions.

This course is appropriate for ages 10 – 95.

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