Lambda Wellbeing – Menopause In The Workplace

Lambda Wellbeing is dedicated to helping business navigate the challenges presented by menopause in the workplace. We offer a practicable way to support your menopausal employees, train your managers and leaders, and give your workforce a greater awareness of menopause. Following thirty years' experience of training and coaching individuals and teams, we have developed an intelligent, practicable solution that is suitable for employers of all sizes.

The objective is to create an environment where you retain female top talent, reduce absenteeism, minimise the risk of litigation and enhance your reputation by being awarded ‘Menopause Approved’ status.

Why do you need to take action?

Menopause is a big issue, with women no longer being prepared to put up with the struggle at work. Employers are finding it increasingly difficult to recruit and retain female staff with women either resigning when their career is at its peak or taking their grievance to tribunal.  A good employer wants to provide a welcoming, supportive experience to all staff and enhance their reputation as a preferred place to work.


What is the solution?

The solution is to train your managers, educate your staff and support your female workforce.

We deliver a flexible solution that gives employers and managers the know-how, resources and backup support needed to create a Menopause Approved workplace.  You have three options: Certified Menopause Champions and Menopause First-aiders; or a combination of the two.

Full details of our exciting, workable solution to the challenge of menopause at work can be downloaded here: (to follow)

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