The Earnings Breakthrough Programme

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As a female entrepreneur, have you ever spotted a fantastic business opportunity that you weren’t able to progress because you lacked the funds? Most people will answer Yes. How frustrating is that?

What would you have done differently if you had an available balance on your credit card?
What would it take for you to be so confident now that you could comfortably raise your prices?
It’s time for female entrepreneurs to own their right to earn more than enough money, to have money over, to have ample cash or credit readily available at all times.

Because to be able to pay for what you need, when you need it, is not only handy in your business but will support you in your private life too. Money gives you the freedom to grow your business further than you ever thought possible.


The Affluent Entrepreneur

Increasing your receptivity to money is not about doing the same thing but faster and harder. It’s about developing the right mindset, attitude and habits to support your financial goals.

We see entrepreneurs who run lifestyle businesses where they deliver most of the work. We also see entrepreneurs that build businesses they go onto sell for millions. And here’s the conundrum: how can people charge such different amounts for what is ostensibly a similar thing?

To be truly successful you need to go beyond the limitations of what you previously thought was possible.

The Earnings Breakthrough Programme

This is a supportive, transformative experience that takes you from how things are now, to how you want them to be.

The programme starts by looking at how closely your finances are aligned with your deepest wishes and dreams. You’ll look at your beliefs, your values and the subtle, limiting, myths you’ve picked up about women, about money and about yourself and you’ll be taking action in light of your true purpose.
Earnings Breakthrough draws on profound teachings and processes to release your hidden and elusive money blocks and you’ll be answering soul level questions to maximise alignment with the new you.

Once there, you’re equipped and ready to build a prosperous, free and independent future.


The Art and Science of an Earnings Breakthrough

Increasing revenue and earning more are not necessarily the same thing. Many is the female entrepreneur who can comfortably cover all the bills, but there’s never quite enough them to pay themselves.

Women are very good at looking after everyone else, which can end up with them not taking care of themselves. With this programme, you’ll be putting yourself centre stage to ensure your revenue covers the bills with enough over to pay yourself generously too.

If you’re ready for a new personal experience with money, read on.


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