The Earnings Breakthrough Formula

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Embracing your Greatest Earning Power

Entrepreneurs consider their earnings when they want to go to the next level – and that’s when the money blocks surface with all the excuses as to why it can’t be done or it’s not right that you should earn that much. This is a sign that your personal relationship with money is no longer serving your current aims.

  • Suppose your business is growing so well that you’re already fully booked. Not feeling you can increase your prices or earn more than you need are signs of money relationship blocks.
  • Suppose your business has exceeded your wildest dreams and the next level will catapult you to having copious amounts of money in the bank. Having a wobble on handling extraordinary financial success is a sign of a money relationship block too.

Money Relationship Blocks are there for a good reason that was appropriate at the time, but no longer serves you. They’re very good at scuppering your best laid plans. In other words, they’re out of date and need updating. The Earnings Breakthrough Formula creates a mindset shift that supports you having more money.


There are no outward strategies or tactics that will overcome a gap in your relationship with money.

In my career, I’ve enjoyed the most fantastic highs and awesome lows that caused me to question my self-worth and identity at every level. A personal pendulum that could swing from the highest highs to the lowest lows outside of the economy or anything external had to be invented by me. I realised it was down to me to reset it.

How does it work?

Over ten weeks, in an environment of respect, compassion and confidentiality, you’ll be fully aligned with the principles and psychology of increasing value, charging even more and allowing yourself to have and keep more money than you need. Over ten sessions, you will learn how to:

✓ Recognise and RESET your relationship with money to one of overflowing

✓ Identify your AUTHENTIC self so you can always be at your best

✓ Uncover and change the UNCONSCIOUS programming that no longer serves you

✓ Master your EMOTIONS around money to create money peace and stability

✓ Understand that money needs CONSISTENCY in order to flourish

✓ Reinvent your relationship with money to CREATE greater income in your business

At the same time, you’ll be aligning your marketing message and packages to suit your new ideal client and planning for your ideal life.


Here’s what you’ll get when you join the Earnings Breakthrough Formula

  • Initial 30-minute LIVE set-up call
  • 10 x weekly 1-hour LIVE video workshops
  • Your own Success Plan to track and record progress
  • A new blueprint for your relationship with money
  • Open access by Email and Messenger throughout
  • 1 year’s ongoing support as you settle into your new relationship with money

Registration fee: £ 3,000, to include your 12 months’ support.
Please note that all sessions take place online unless agreed otherwise.


People spend tons of money on expensive things all the time.

And they could choose to spend it with you. Being fully aligned with money is the most reliable way of breaking through to the earnings and the life you’ve always wanted.

Who will I be working with?

The Earnings Breakthrough Formula is a unique partnership between you and me, Caroline D’ay.  I have been working in the field of personal breakthrough for many years. I am highly qualified and bring my wealth of valuable and proven knowledge and experience. I am a Trainer and Master Practitioner of NLP, Time-Line Therapy and Emotional Release and I can draw on many other disciplines as needed.

The reason people choose me is that I genuinely care for the well-being of the individuals I work with – and I get results. I consider myself both highly professional and good fun to work with. Participants can expect to laugh a lot!

Thank for your interest in the Earnings Breakthrough Formula. To talk to through your relationship with money feel free to make contact. Even that one phone call could start the process of change.

To your renewed prosperity

Caroline D’ay © Wellbeing Dynamics 2004-2023



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