Yes I Can (have good mental health!)

Do you remember having solid mental health in the past?
Is life just feeling a bit too much at the moment?
Are you ready to recover and improve your mental health?

Yes, I Can is a training experience that will transform how you handle life and teach you how to bounce-back mentally and emotionally should you need to. It’s the equivalent of pressing the reset button on good mental health.


Why does Mental Health matter?

Mental Health underpins everything you think, do and are. It influences what you notice, where you go, what you do and how you experience life. Your mental health can be good and strong, weak and fragile, or anywhere in between. Mental health is context dependent – it can be good in one area of your life and less so in another – it changes moment to moment. It’s a question of interpretation and no two people are the same. There is a connection between your mental health and your body. How you see things, your expectations, your opinions and choices are all aspects of mental health.

Whether or not you walk under a ladder, always drive sober, choose relaxed restaurants, go Salsa dancing or feel good about yourself is down to your mental health; as, by the way, is blinking, breathing and remembering to buy the milk.

Mental Health is talked about constantly and everyone agrees it’s important, but it’s becoming accepted that ‘challenges’ have the power to trigger levels of gloom, despair, anxiety, stress and feelings of hopelessness that are nigh on impossible to overcome.

But that’s simply not true. Your mental health can function at levels of fearlessness, fortitude and resilience that will see you safely through whatever life throws at you.


Why a training course?

There’s huge benefit in understanding quickly how and why we are affected by external events and being able to change our response at will. A training course:
• gives you access to the learnings at a fraction of the cost of private sessions;
• allows you to dip your toe in the water on Mental Health;
• gives you the opportunity to learn from the tutors, and from the experiences of others too.
You’ll learn where it came from and how it works. You’ll rediscover the courage to support you in the moment and ask for help when you need it.


Why are you not offering to fix mental health?

We’re not offering to fix your mental health because you’re not broken. You’re running strategies which are unhelpful and those can be changed. We believe you are a magnificent person who’s ready to embrace your own power, and Yes, I Can is run from that perspective.


How does Yes, I Can work?

Yes, I Can is a virtual programme of 5 x 1-hour sessions over a period of two and a half weeks – with gentle assignments in-between. This allows the optimum time to familiarise yourself with, and practice, the new ideas and techniques before moving on.

The live sessions are led by Caroline D’ay and Jan Brooke, and are recorded for each group. This means you can review the learnings or catch-up in your own time. You’ll be gaining practical skills to use from the very first session. Further support is available should something come up for you.
With our experience, training and expertise you’ll learn:
• how mental health is formed and fed;
• how to access strong mental health;
• how to respond in a crisis;
• how to be resilient and project certainty;
• how to use Mindfulness to support your mental health.


Who is it for?

This is for you if you are currently feeling anxious or stressed and want help, encouragement and know-how to break out of the cycle. It’s also for you if you’ve been undergoing counselling or CBT for a while and want to reclaim your power. It’s especially for you if you want to embrace a world of optimism and know that better times will come.


Who is it not for?

This is not for you at the moment if you’ve recently experienced trauma, have a diagnosable mental illness or are receiving treatment or medication for depression. There are other ways of supporting you that will be more appropriate. It’s worth speaking to us if you’re not sure. If you are seeing a GP or Consultant, we will need permission from them that it’s the right solution for you.


Who will lead Yes, I Can?

Yes, I Can is run by two trainers, Caroline D’ay and Jan Brooke who are both experts in their field.

Caroline is the owner of Wellbeing Dynamics and is known as The Real Happiness Coach. She is an experienced trainer and therapist with over 25 years’ experience of helping people solve problems and find peace of mind. She is a Certified NLP Trainer, Master Time-Line Therapist, Master Hypnotist and Advanced Blast Practitioner for PTSD. She is a safe pair of hands for your mental health.

Jan is the owner of Holistic Hideaway and runs the Holistic Hideaway Wellbeing Centre in Lyndhurst. She is an experienced therapist with a wealth of knowledge about the body and mind. Jan started her journey as a massage therapist 18 years ago, soon realising when treating the body, that the mind is fundamental to the healing process. She is a Mindfulness Practitioner, running groups, one to one sessions and retreats. She is also a qualified Laughter Therapist who believes a ‘happy mind leads to a happy body’.


How much does Yes, I Can cost?

The full, 2½ half week package costs just £149 per person (which equates to £30 per session.) [Early Bird £99 if booked by 31st March equates to £20 per session]
This includes 5 x live sessions and materials, all live recordings, support via a private What’s App group for the duration of the programme plus DM access for private questions.


What if I attend Yes, I Can?

Anybody attending Yes, I Can will notice how much more certain they are of themselves and their place in the world. This means you’ll appreciate how much you have to offer and you’ll accept less nonsense from others. By being more in charge of yourself and your life, you’ll find yourself being less affected by what other people say and do. Having good mental health means that you’ll be able to rise to the occasion when you need to and otherwise be at rest. And that’s just the beginning…

Jan and I look forward to working with you and getting you to the best place in your mental health.  Book now using the form below; our first course starts on 28th April.

Caroline and Jan


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