Three ways to Wellbeing

Author: Caroline Day

I’ve been looking at knitting patterns today. Did that give me a sense of Wellbeing? Well no, it gave me a sense of guilt for buying all these patterns and never knitting anything! But, I do like acquiring patterns (it gives me hope that one day I’ll have the lifestyle to knit!).

So, what is Wellbeing? Is it something you do? Can you buy it?

Like having a massage or going to the gym. What if you haven’t got time though? Can’t you enjoy Wellbeing just by – well – BEING? Because I think everybody can. And it takes three things.


You need a big ‘why?‘ to get you out of bed in the morning. A sense of purpose.

For example, I was talking to some charities about their volunteers the other day, and volunteers have a huge ‘why?’. They make other people’s lives better, offering comfort, taking an old person out for tea – these are lovely things that make you feel good. Going to work and fulfilling your duties, that’s another one. Or being a good parent.

It’s having the brain space to enjoy it that makes the difference.


Watch out who or what you are comparing yourself to.

If I was a Medieval teenager, I might think I was quite good looking, because there were only five girls in my village and two of them were babies. But who do we compare ourselves to now?

And this applies to ‘things’ as well. We might see that other people have the latest gizmos, or watches, or Fitbits etc., that we don’t have ourselves and this can leave us feeling we’re missing out – which isn’t ‘wellbeing’!


If I was back in my Medieval village and I needed a new mud hut, it’s likely that everyone would pitch up and we’d have a ‘building a mud hut’ party – along with a bigger celebration when it was done. But we’ve become very isolated these days. It’s all about the individual.

Evolution led us over thousands of years to live in families, with extended families and community. But many people live alone these days and loneliness is a real problem. One way some people try to find a sense of belonging might be by wearing the latest trend in clothes. Did you see the people queueing round the block for the latest really expensive Nike trainers?

I always suggest to people that they join something. We’re social beings and being made welcome somewhere is lovely. It could be singing, or rambling, joining a book club or going to the pub on a Friday. Whatever works for you.

I joined a book club last year and now I really look forward to the meetings once a month.


So, my recommendation is:

  • Find your WHY? 
  • Be careful who you are comparing yourself to
  • Join something

These simple steps are a foundation to a life full of WELLBEING.

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