Sometimes it’s Not Your Fault!

It’s impressed on us these days to be accountable for our actions, and I have always encouraged my clients do the same; accepting responsibility for ‘creating it’ means you’re in a strong position to ‘un-create it’. But, what if it’s not your fault?

In 1998 a ground-breaking study carried out by Dr Vincent Felitti and Robert Andas clearly demonstrated the inextricable link between the level of adversity and trauma experienced in childhood and the illnesses that emerge in adults. You are neurologically landscaped for:
20% increased risk of auto-immune disease such as Fibromyalgia,
600% increased risk of suffering from chronic fatigue/ME, and
200% increased risk of cancer, stroke, heart disease etc.
and are at greater risk of falling prey to anxiety, depression, bereavement, loss and being trapped in a difficult relationship.

But, do you also know there’s a gentle remedy for this, a trauma recovery which, in a spirit of loving curiosity will enable you, quietly and easily, to re-frame your past experiences and move on?
When I lost my father, 20 years ago, I reserved a special place for all those things I was unable to make a decision on; I mean how can you throw away a 94-year collection of GPO Rubber Bands and the empty envelopes of a lifetime’s received post, meticulously filed in Chocolate Boxes!

But I had previously shut the door on my childhood and got especially annoyed (read furious) at the suggestion of sorting through the old photographs! Coincidentally, in 1992 I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, followed in 2019 by Lupus – both auto-immune diseases.

It took a while for the penny to drop, but when it did, I found resolving these unconscious triggers to be life changing. I am now enjoying going through the old photos and have more Joy in my heart than ever before. This is a complete turnaround

If you’re somewhere you don’t want to be in your daily life, your relationships, your emotions or your habitual thoughts, you may have childhood trauma (with a small t) which is holding you back. To release the charge on it will change your life forever.
As I always say: It’s never too late to have a happy childhood.

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