6 Keys for a happy Front of House: Increasing Performance and Wellbeing

Front of House (FoH) is critical to your business success because it is who your customers see first; it also sets the tone for how your establishment will be remembered.  When customers are considering a return visit, however good the décor, however wonderful the food, a large part of the decision will be based on how FoH made them feel.

Managing FoH to support both performance and wellbeing is a 21st Century challenge.

Anybody working in FoH is likely to be a ‘people’ person.  They chat easily, smile readily and perform well under pressure; indeed, the adrenaline rush of a busy shift can be quite exhilarating.  But chatty, smiley people tend to be more sensitive too and it’s especially important to them that they feel valued and know that they can summon help instantly should they be having a problem.

So, managing FoH needs a delicate touch.


We have produced a paper, 6 Keys to maintaining a Happy Front of House, to help you serve up a supportive environment that builds loyalty. The paper offers 6 Keys which will unlock the full potential in your FoH.  These come from 30 years’ experience of helping people cope with challenging roles.  It is – ahem – a recipe for success.

I remember once working for a team in a large open plan office with other teams in different corners.  Generally, it was a serious place if not a touch gloomy at times.  But our little corner was a hive of activity with an expectation of happiness, friendship and success. We were a team and we were proud of it.  I loved working there.

I’ve since worked out that my manager always looked pleased to see us when we arrived.  He would stop what he was doing, come out of his office and ask us how we were.  Nothing to do with the job in hand but it made a huge difference to us and we cheerfully worked our socks off.


You can make a huge difference to your FoH by following the 6 Keys which are detailed in full and which you can download.  Reading this is like having a personal SatNav to keep you on track:6 Keys to maintaining a Happy Front of House

If your team would appreciate some resilience training and support, have a look at our Coping at the Sharp End for Hospitality course.

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