Coronavirus – how shall I ever pass the time?

Staying occupied during these difficult times is good for your Wellbeing but it can sometimes be a challenge.  We’ve become used to having activity provided for us and so need to reinvigorate our imaginations….

My dear husband is blind and we thought we’d fish out some of the old Games to pass the time.

So, I opened the childhood games draw (I never throw anything away) and unloaded them onto the table.  They were all there – Card Games, Monopoly, Snakes and Ladders, Ludo, Draughts, Dominos etc – and held such memories of hoots of laughter and happy occasions. 😊

We came unstuck with the card games because I had to tell my husband when two cards matched and it lost the element of surprise when, too late, he obligingly let out a loud ‘SNAP’; and he would keep mixing up Mr Bun the Baker with Mr Stamp the Postman.  Don’t even ask about how we got on with Draughts and during Monopoly, he would keep trying to buy a house when he was supposed to have gone straight to jail!

Nevertheless, we had great fun trying.

But there’s currently a danger of being overwhelmed by choice; so much so that you end up totally unsatisfied with your day.

In the evening, they show brass bands playing a tune and I think ‘That’s good, I must find that’ or keep-fit classes to do in your lounge and I think ‘That’s good, must do that one’; only I never do.  There’s the ‘how to’ type that will teach you how to do anything; make cakes, decorate presents, wash the floor, fix your wrinkles [mine look alright from where I am].

So that you don’t end up overloaded by the sheer number of options, you could look up things you’ve never done but always been interested in.  I just looked up Playing the Piano on YouTube and found something that would teach me how to ‘Play 10 Easy Songs with 4 Chords on Piano’.  Sounded good until I noticed the danger word Subscribe!!!

If you’re lucky enough to be on 12-weeks Lockdown, make a resolution to enjoy it.  There are loads of good people recommending all sorts of thing; and they’re all different.  You choose for yourself.


You could always start with a good clear out.

I’ve always found it immensely hard to throw old clothes away – t-shirts, leggings, rags – but the thought ‘Do I really want this when there’s a war on?’ girded me into action the other day and I threw away one of the ancient garments that wasn’t good enough to recycle.  Encouraged by my bravery it’s the wardrobe next; and I’m quite excited about that.

The risk otherwise is that you’ll find things to do like ‘sorting out the labels on the filing drawer’.

And do you really want to do that when there’s a war on?

Keep safe and, whatever you do,


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