Coming out of Lockdown

Go shopping, they say.  Have a coffee, meet your friends, go back to work (because it’s safe) but remember to wash your hands, attend to social distancing and wear a mask (because it’s not safe).  Go on holiday…(safe) Oops!  You have to do fourteen days quarantine…(not safe) or maybe it’ll only be ten.

If this is making you a bit anxious, I’m not surprised. In fact, people are more concerned now than ever before. With the risk of a second wave (perhaps), many people who were shielding, are saying that they’re not going out – but the food boxes are stopping – so they’ll have to go out.

We need to get a grip here! This is not a political blog, far from it. I’m only too glad that I don’t have the responsibility for making the decisions. I’m just looking at the reason for increasing levels of anxiety currently sweeping the nation – well some of the nation.

Imagine I said to you, ‘You have to get a job, but some jobs are dangerous, but if you don’t have a job it’s harder to get a job, and you do need a job, so it’s best to avoid the dangerous ones’. What sort of job would you apply for? Where would you begin to look? You’d probably be stranded in the depths of confusion.


This is what I recommend that you do:

1. Make a decision not to catch the virus.

because that will guide your actions and inform you choices and all the decisions you make.

2. Follow the latest instructions.

I do because they are coming from a source that knows more about viruses than I do.

3. Don’t be previous about your rights.

There’ll be plenty of time for you to be heard when the virus is under control. Just for now, there’s no need to protest about anything.

4. Don’t list to all the Doom and Gloom.

Yes, it may be informative but it’s worrying and if you keep listening to all the things going wrong both here, and in the world, you’ll go into overwhelm.

5. Practice being cheerful.

There are plenty of things to celebrate in a day: being alive, talking to a friend, not catching the virus, it’s Monday and so it goes on.

All it takes to keep you safe and well is a change of heart, and you’ll see this thing through safely to the end.
Won’t it be good when it’s over…
Think of all the tales you’ll be able to tell the little ones.
They’ll be amazed.

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