Blue Monday? Pah! Reasons to be cheerful


“Blue Monday usually falls on the third Monday of every New Year and is considered the most ‘Depressing’ day on the calendar.”  This is all over the internet and has even been on the news – so we can get ready for it!

We’ve got used to doing what we’re told to do but this time, we’re going to be DEFIANT!  We’re going to say NOT IN MY WORLD and do something else.

Why not make it HAPPY MONDAY?  This is how you do it.

In advance:

  1. IDENTIFY a foot tapping piece of music that you simply can’t stand still to. It needs to be loud and have some oomph to it.  Doesn’t matter what it is as long as you feel the urge to move when it’s on. I like Shakin’ Stevens’ “Green Door” but it could be Nellie the Elephant, Swan Lake or something more up to date. [Where’s a young person when you need them…?]
  2. WRITE ‘Blue Monday’ on a piece of paper.
  3. PLAN to do something different in your morning routine. You could clean your teeth before having your shower, as long as it’s different, or you could have breakfast before getting dressed. [I don’t recommend getting dressed before you have your shower.😊].
  4. IMAGINE Monday being a good day.

On Monday morning:

  1. RISE from your slumbers, put on your music track and energetically leap about. [Don’t worry about the neighbours, they’ll be doing it too 😊]
  2. SCREW-UP your Blue Monday piece of paper and launch it at the bin saying PAH!
  3. GET-UP all in the wrong order.
  4. DECIDE that today is HAPPY MONDAY and it’s a GOOD DAY.

Now you’re ready for anything.  You show ‘em!
Have a good day

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