Attributes for Success?

Reading the paper his morning, I came across photos of the extraordinarily elegant stars at the Met Gala, some of whom were dressed in… not very much at all! And it started me thinking . . .

Before I was a Coach, I studied fashion design in London and went on to make performance dresses for Oratorio singers in London and abroad. One of the things you could rely on was that whatever you started with, it was possible to drape the fabric around a frame to enhance any physical qualities the singer might have; while still allowing room to breathe.

The dress enhanced the person and the person enhanced the dress with their gracefulness and personality. In other words, we all had a chance, even if we weren’t blessed with a tiny waist and a bottom like a bustle! But no more…

Now, designers take the most alluringly beautiful women with a perfect shape and drape a diaphanous gauze over them, so see-through that all mystique is gone. The standards of ‘loveliness’ are now so high, where do the rest of us go with that?

Be honest, who among us hasn’t checked this way and that to see what we looked like from all angles?

If your waist isn’t 19 inches, it isn’t 19 inches! Short of dedicating your life to it, or wearing corsets that restrict your organs, there’s not a lot most of us can do about our anatomy; especially when 24” is no longer tiny enough. BTW, you don’t need a tiny waist to run a successful business.  Just saying…

I could give it a go, I suppose, and visit a shopping centre in one of the beguiling net dresses. It would be a good way of ensuring no queues owing to the stampede for the exit. 😊

Andy Williams [boomer alert] was singing on the radio: ‘Can’t Take My Eyes Off You’ and I want you to know that, for me, there’s still time…

To your success, health, wellbeing and full contentment with who you are.

Caroline D’ay
NLP Wellbeing and Trauma Recovery Coach

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