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TRAINING: Leadership Away Day

Leadership Away Day is a one-day workshop that lays the practical foundations for building a sustainable and meaningful organisation by empowering managers to create a workplace where staff are motivated, highly productive and want to come to work; this is a powerful day!

What participants can expect

All managers attending the programme will leave with the materials and the ability to cascade knowledge and learnings to their individual teams. This first step is crucial as it will teach managers how to create and build sustainable and scalable services.

Each manager will receive their Talent Dynamics profile report and will begin to understand the best way for them to create value within both their own team and the wider management team; and how to leverage that value effectively.

Often at this stage, they start to have real ‘aha’ moments as to why certain relationships in the team are the way they are and begin to appreciate others more. They also start to identify why they are part of their team, why their team is an important part of the organisation and how to add value at all levels to co-create flow within the team and beyond.

As a result, they will be able to build a stronger sense of collective and individual responsibility within their team based on every individual’s unique talent, and be encouraged to seek and provide honest feedback.

By the end of the day, each participant will have discovered and connected with the [organisation’s / team’s] Primary Purpose and clearly understood how it links to providing unique value and creating effective leverage as measured by trust and flow, both within the organisation and for its clients and partners.

This is the first critical step towards accessing untapped potential at an organisation level.

Course content includes

  • Profile debrief – Analysis of team strengths
  • Trust and Flow – Flow is to do with efficiency
  • Identifying Blocks to Flow
  • What’s good about the [management] team and what would make it even better?
  • What is the Purpose of [team/department] – creates the glue to pull teams together
  • How to introduce the Purpose to the teams
  • Cascading ideas and training
  • Future Direction – where do we want to be in a year’s time?
  • What needs to be in place for us to get there?

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