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TRAINING: Business Communication Skills Masterclass

Managing and Motivating the Personalities in your Team

Would you like to unlock the people puzzle so that you can understand your people in minutes instead of months? Would you like to develop enhanced communications skills?

If so, this course will completely transform your ability to communicate with the team you manage, with your boss, peers, clients, friends and family... in fact anyone at all!

You’ll explore different ways of using communication to motivate the individuals in your team and you’ll understand how to modify your behaviour to connect with others and help them maximize their own potential.

How team members interact with each other has a major impact on productivity. This Masterclass will also teach you how to use a range of powerful tools to improve performance and productivity; defining you as an expert in Team motivation.

What participants can expect

Business Communications Skills is a lively, interactive day packed with information. Each participant receives their Talent Dynamics Profile and begins to understand how tailored communication is the best way for them to create value and trust within their team.

By the end of the day, participants have all the skills they need to dramatically improve their ability to communicate with anyone and they’ll know how to motivate and inspire their team.

Course content includes

  • Essential building blocks for communication
  • Build trust and rapport instantly in any situation
  • Explore personality profiles - self and team
  • Identify significant behavioural differences
  • Modify own style to get the most from others
  • Use new skills to maximize team performance

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