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Caroline is an influential authority on Resilience and Engagement, Trust and Flow and loves training as a delivery mechanism. With over 20 years’ experience, in both public and private sectors, she has developed a unique way of digging deep to find the fastest and most effective solutions for her clients. Caroline is a popular and entertaining speaker and trainer and we guarantee delegates will find the courses both thought provoking and enjoyable.

Team Accelerator

Most businesses are missing out on the true potential of their people, and this loss of passion and productivity costs millions. Now there is a way to not just stop it, but to turn it around by tapping into the true talents of each and every person on your team. Team Accelerator harnesses the qualities of your team and with the help of expert facilitation from Caroline and her team, allows you to create a massive shift in team Trust, Flow and Growth.


Coping at the Sharp End

Many people face challenges at work that are brought about by the repetitive nature of their job. It could be anything from repeatedly facing abuse to regularly having too much to do. But when it becomes ‘predictable’, it can get to us; and that can be very difficult to cope with. Coping at the Sharp End has a unique way of helping people gain perspective, keep calm and stay resourceful in the moment; which allows them take the appropriate action to make things better. It’s an empowering course and can change lives.


Leading at the Sharp End

Leading a team involves much more than just managing the people and getting things done. It includes having vision, inspiring people, building the team, offering support, sometimes being the oil on troubled waters, whilst delivering perfect results on time! And that requires a huge number of skills. Leading at the Sharp End uses rapid training techniques to impart those skills in a new and deeply professional way.


Business Communication Skills

Over the last decade there has been a massive shift in the way we all do things; from how we shop to what’s important about our career and most significantly to the way we communicate with each other. Boundaries have been blown away and many people are only too quick to express their discontent. But managers are the diplomats of the business world and their job is to keep team wheels turning smoothly. Business Communication Skills delivers the very latest communication skills and techniques that you will be able to start using immediately.


Coping with Stress

Work-related stress continues to be a major cause of absenteeism, causing a deep distress in individuals that can translate into loss of effectiveness and efficiency at work. But it is a fact that all of us will experience ‘stress’ from time to time and what we need are strategies to keep things in perspective so that we can make the right decisions. No employer wants their workforce to be stressed. Coping with Stress covers work and beyond to give people all the skills they need to stay resilient and manage pressure no matter from where it comes.


Leadership Away Day

Central to any sustainable business is a coherent Leadership; in agreement not only with the overall Mission, Vision and Values but also the Purpose of the organisation and all teams within. But this isn’t always the case, and efficiency can be lost and targets missed through a lack of alignment in people and resources. The Leadership Away Day works with a Leadership Team in two capacities: to identify and correct disparities that are affecting performance and to re-focus on the future and what needs to be put in place to ensure success.


Wellbeing Under Pressure

It is reckoned that men spend two and a half hours of their free time every day thinking about work. Women are only slightly behind when it comes to agonising over things while at home. While men spend more time thinking about responsibilities, women are more likely to have a disturbed night worrying about them. Around 65 per cent of females said they had ‘woken up in a cold sweat’ in the middle of the night compared with 43 per cent of males. Life’s too short - it’s time to make the time for this course!