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Wellbeing Dynamics was created by Caroline D’ay, Master Practitioner and Trainer of NLP, Performance Consultant, Business Coach and Content Creator for Talent Dynamics and the Entrepreneurs Institute.

While many profiling tools exist, Talent Dynamics' provide an explicit path to increasing trust and flow and are valuable tools for personal and professional development.

Talent Dynamics Profile Test

This powerful but easy to complete test, assesses your strengths, values and likely behaviour in order to determine which one of the 8 Profiles you are. From this we help you identify your “flow” – the state of success - and show you how to spend even more time in it. This allows you to add immeasurable value and satisfaction to your business and in your life.

Talent Dynamics Profile Test & Personal Debrief

The 1-2-1 debrief gives deeper insights into how your profile works and explains the best way to use your talent for its greatest effect. This cover both you personally and other profiles in your team. The profile debrief also gives you an opportunity to ask questions directly. You will receive the personal answers that will help you create value for yourself and within your team.

Personal Social Responsibility 360 Barometer

Wellbeing Dynamics helped design and create this latest addition to the Talent Dynamics toolset.

The Personal Social Responsibility tool measures the degrees of Trust and Flow your colleagues have in you and how much you are perceived by them as contributing Trust and Flow within your team and your organisation. This unique insight gives you an opportunity to significantly increase your personal effectiveness, performance and sustainable achievement. Your report allows you to tune in to where Trust and Flow is already occurring within your own performance in a way that will enable you to create more of both.

SRi: Wellbeing Dynamics’ Stress to Resilience Indicator

SRi is a unique way of taking a snapshot of the level of Flow that managers and staff are experiencing in a defined context – i.e. work. It takes only 3 to 4 minutes to complete with the individual instantly seeing their own result. All results are then compiled into a series of see-at-a-glance electronic reports that cover the entire organisation, section or smaller team. Significantly:

  • SRi helps organisations identify where they should be focusing attention to increase general levels of Wellbeing.
  • SRi also helps organisations to reinforce best management practice.