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I have a confession to make ... I AM A FAILED FILING CLERK!

I hate to admit it, but if the success of your business depended on my ability to run an efficient filing system, TRUST ME – it’s not looking good! But then, if my clients depended on our Financial Director to create effective, compelling and timely solutions, trust me, most of the staff would have retired by the time he’d finished his deep analysis of the problem - never mind come up with a remedy!

But I can turn a solution on a sixpence and the FD can produce complex reports over a bowl of Cornflakes (other cereals are available).

What we are looking at here is the issue of FLOW. When I’m designing a solution, I’m totally IN FLOW. I love doing it and time stretches out as I create first this and then that model. I forget to eat because I’m on a roll. But when I have to do, for example, my expenses [for the aforementioned FD] I am OUT OF FLOW: seriously ineffective and a prime exhibitor of the newly diagnosed syndrome: Distraction by Bright, Sparkly Objects. This of course refers to absolutely anything other than expenses that comes into my gaze and therefore needs to be handled immediately!

Is this ringing any bells with you?

Every one of us deserves to be working IN FLOW and I use a fabulous profiling system that indicates clearly the activities and areas where clients and their team members are going to be IN FLOW or OUT OF FLOW. And this is important. We all have natural tendencies, things we’re good at and things we’re not so good at, and the first role of a manager is to notice what their team members are good at and start utilising those skills and trusting them in those areas. This leads people to become more relaxed, more confident and more TRUSTing of their position in the team and in the organisation.

Cool, does that mean I can get out of doing my expenses?

No it does not! Keeping track is a part of my job and all of us have areas of responsibility that may not be our favourite use of time. But for me, understanding quite why I found paperwork tasks so difficult gave me permission to CREATE a methodology that worked for me: which is what I did. Much to the joy of the FD!

Times are difficult enough at the moment. Societal TRUST has fallen to an all-time low and people are anxious to know that they’re both trusted and safe in their roles. I guarantee that you have staff in your team with the natural abilities to begin to solve most of your problems. Discovering and harnessing these Hidden Gems will instantly lift efficiency and productivity. Even more importantly, it will increase motivation and overall Wellbeing.

And that has to be a good thing.