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Blog: How to Increase Market Share - Trust in Perspective

I don’t want you to get too excited, but last week I bought a sewing machine! Return to my youth…? Desire to be creative…? Tempted by beautiful fabrics…? Whatever the reason, I decided I wanted one last Thursday and went out and got it!

What may be interesting is the process by which I acquired it.

I went to my local Department Store (which I’m certain was the inspiration for the 70's sitcom ‘Are You Being Served?’) headed straight for the Haberdashery Department, spoke to one of the nice ladies serving there and said ‘I’ll have one of those please’.

Did I do a major survey of all sewing machine retailers in the area? No I did not. Did I do a price comparison against features and benefits? No again. Was I subjected to subtle yet persuasive sales techniques? Nope. So why did I buy the one I bought, there and then, in that store?

The answer is TRUST.

I TRUST that if my local Department Store sells a particular brand of something, they’ve chosen it for a reason, and it’s likely to be a good product that will carry on working even when the guarantee has expired. Do I have any evidence that that is the case? No! So what TRUST are we are talking about?

In this case, we are talking about CORPORATE TRUST.

For me, there’s a certain comfort walking into that store. I know exactly what it’s going to be like. I know the layout, the faces, the friendliness of the place – and I like that. If ever I want something and they haven’t got it, I know I will be dealt with in a particular way. In TRUST parlance, there’s a CONSISTENCY that exudes safety – I know it will be ok. And there’s a top-down VALUES ALIGNMENT from the management structure to the floor staff. They all exhibit the same style, the same beliefs in helping the customer, the same willingness to do whatever it takes.

So without questioning why, I bought it there and then – and, by the way, I am delighted with it.

Times are changing and the old sales techniques – trial close, objection handling, nifty close – have lost their grip. We are wiser, we do our research online, products and services nowadays all aspire to excellence. But with a Worldwide market comes a choice so huge that it can create a stultifying overwhelm. I mean, just how do you make the best decision?

That’s where CORPORATE TRUST, also evidenced as BRAND LOYALTY, comes in. The way to increase market share in the 21st Century, is to increase TRUST. TRUST from your staff that the company cares about every customer. TRUST from your customers that both the company and the staff will deliver what they promise. TRUST from the company that their employees are ambassadors who support the corporate values and are doing an excellent job. And with such TRUST in place, you no longer need to sell. People just buy from you. And all’s well!